7S7D #3 – Bwana

Bwana.org is, again, a blog that focuses on content over distracting visual aids. It’s got fantastic content: blog posts, podcasts, video discussion, Intense Debate, twitter updates, etc. In actuality, though, I think it’s just because Bwana seems like a cool guy. His activity on Twitter, Friendfeed, and other social networking sites certainly gives the feeling that he is always active in technology, though he posts somewhat infrequently.

Be sure to check out his sweet computer setup and his new site Stickrz, which allows users to submit information on free stickers that are available by request on the internet. A little strange, but cool.

All in all, Bwana is a very cool site, and an even cooler guy to follow. Check out his Twitter here and his Friendfeed here.



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