7 Online Photo Editing Tools

  1. Pixlr

  2. Pixlr feels like a desktop application – the menu is laid out much like GIMP or Photoshop. Unlike a few other of these sites, you can create an image from scratch as well as upload from your computer or pull an image from another website. You can also open several images in different mini-windows inside Pixlr.

  3. Flauntr

  4. Flauntr is interesting in that it has 5 different services for editing pictures: stylR, printR, editR, picasR, and textR. Flauntr is also the only one of these sites that you must register with before using. It is heavily Flash based, and can be slow to load at times – but once up and running, it looks fantastic.

  5. Picnik

  6. Picnik is possibly the most well known image editor of the lot – largely due to the Facebook application. The initial load time can be annoying, but once you’re finally at the editor, it’s not bad (not to mention very simple). It’s probably the least powerful of the bunch, but that’s because it’s for quick fixing – cropping, colorizing, resizing, rotating, etc.

  7. SumoPaint

  8. SumoPaint is another editor that’s laid out a lot like desktop applications. It will open in its own window, which is probably a good thing because it’s such a big web application. SumoPaint automatically starts with a blank image, a toolbox, color picker, and layer dialog. I would almost argue that it’s a little bit better than GIMP in some ways – like the brushes. Take the default “dry brush” for example. Dry brush looks and feels…well, “cool”. I’ve never seen anything like it in an image editor/creator.

  9. Pixenate

  10. While Pixenate is definitely the least flashy of the bunch, it’s a good, albeit simple, editor. Pages and photos load fast, but ads are very annoying – and they can be overwhelming depending on the size of your image. Use Pixenate for quick, simple photo editing (like teeth whitening, cropping, or resizing) – other than that, try something a little more powerful.

  11. FotoFlexer

  12. FotoFlexer has some neat tools that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Take, for example, the oddly awesome Distort effects like “Bulge” and “Pinch”. While I usually can’t stand these type effects on actual images (like the thousands of distorted faces you see on Facebook profile pictures), it’s pretty neat to play around with on an image logo. FotoFlexer makes it easy, too, and let’s you customize size of distortion and strength.

  13. TiltShift

  14. TiltShift is my new favorite. It’s simple, fast loading, and easy to use. Simply upload pictures and start playing around with the few effects (at least that’s what I do). While TiltShift doesn’t allow things like drawing on the image, resizing, cropping, or anything like that, it’s the best for playing with color, blurring, brightness, etc. The coolest thing is called “center radius”. You can choose where on the image you want the center to be, then choose a size. This allows you to have a focus – then possibly blur the outside of the photo.

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