5 Reasons You Should Switch to Google Reader


I have a secret. Don’t tell anyone, but – I didn’t use RSS feeds until recently. I know, I know, time to take away my website. I tried to, though, I really did. I downloaded mulitple desktop feed readers, added to my Firefox toolbar, etc, but I still couldn’t get into a habit of checking them. Then came Google Reader.

Google Reader is, by far, the best RSS reader there is (at least that I’ve come across). Here’s why.

It’s online. Desktop RSS readers will, I promise, become obsolete in a short time. It’s simply too time consuming (sounds stupid, but it’s true), and too hard to remember to open a separate piece of software just to read news stories.

It’s ridiculously easy to use. Other readers force you to type in URL’s, describe, title, and control what you do with the feeds as you create. With Reader, you just type in the name of a site you’d like to add, and you’re done. Or, if it’s a FeedBurner feed, just click “Add to Google”.

I’ts clean. There is no thing in this world more annoying than trying to read light text off a light background, dark text off a dark background, or determine what is actual authored material and what is advertisements. Google, as is its habit, is crisp, clean, and uncluttered. It fits the perfect amount of content with white space, leaving links and text easily discernable and clear.

Scroll through news. You can use your arrow keys to leisurely scroll down a page of posts from a feed, and Reader unmarks posts shown on the page as new!

It’s familiar. Gmail users will have no problem using the interface, and since it’s a Google product, new users will have very little adjustment time as well.

Google Reader is up and coming the RSS reader for those who want crisp, uncluttered and manageable news. It’s for experts, it’s for beginners. Check out this post by Bwana, where he ranks Google Reader as the #1 site of 2009.

*Tip – Set Reader to (one of) your homepage(s) so that you see the news right when you go online.

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