12 Tools for a $10 Website


Domain Name – [tag]GoDaddy[/tag] $9.99, Includes email, photo album, DNS control, etc.

Free Hosting – [tag]AgilityHoster[/tag]technically you could use GoDaddy free hosting, but it places a large banner at the top of every page. AgilityHoster is my favorite free host, since many free hosts don’t support any MySQL databases. It can be a pain to set up, but it’s free!

File Transfer Protocol – [tag]FileZilla[/tag]Great open-source [tag]FTP[/tag].


[tag]Favicon[/tag] – Favicon.cc

Logo – [tag]LogoCreatr[/tag] If you can’t get the colors to work as you want them to, use [col=colorhere]text[/col] instead.

Badges – [tag]FreshBadge[/tag]Takes a while to get used to it, but stick with it and you’ll get some nice designs.

Color Picker – [tag]Color Wizard[/tag]


Content Management – [tag]WordPress[/tag]Fantastic CMS – I use it for all my sites.

Themes – WordPress ThemesMake sure to check the author’s copyright on each theme, as they may differ in the range of customization options.

Stripe Gradiant – Stripe Generator

Menu Creator – CSS Menu Maker


Statistics – [tag]Google Analytics[/tag]Not my favorite, but it’s free and easy to set up.

Keep in mind that this is a budget website. If you get serious about your website, you’ll want to spend a bit more – at least on hosting. Check out [tag]DesiznTechp[/tag]’s post for more web generators.

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