100th Post!!!


And with the 100th post on RyboMedia comes a few changes, as is my habit. For one, the look has changed a little since you were last here. If this is your first time…welcome to the new look!

Hopefully this look will move away from the “Clean Trends” look towards a fresh design. By picking the brain of @jasongraphix, I have changed the site (and will make a few more changes) to make it more visually appealing, easy to read, and hopefully more popular.

The second change is a minor one – in fact, I’d call it an addition.  I have noticed that my most popular posts, and those linked more often, are the ones that contain lists and simple how-to’s.  For example, the Gmail:  Email to Your Phone was very popular, as was post on changing Vista’s look.

So that’s it!  Thanks for reading, I’m excited to make it to this point, and I look forward to the things to come.


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